Powell February 2014

Dear friends and supporters:

Greetings once again to all of you from Bolivia! We pray and trust that you are all well and encouraged in the Lord (despite what may be going on in the world around us).

In our New Year’s greetings letter we briefly shared a highlight or two from last December. Now we want to share developments that have taken place in January and February of this new year. In the second week of January, I started my discipleship classes for young people up again for the new year. We usually meet for one-and-a-half to two hours on Wednesdays (and sometimes Fridays) of each week. One of the young men attending is in a program of theological training for the ministry at the nearby Christian university.

That same week of January, on the 9th we started up our prayer gathering that we have been holding on Thursday mornings. Pastors and people from different churches come to join together in praying for revival in the churches of Bolivia. The next day at night I went out with several other local pastors to pray at the four main entrances to Sucre.

Starr is continuing to participate on Tuesday afternoons in a gathering of women intercessors led by the wife of the pastor of the largest Assemblies of God church in the city. Starr is really enjoying her involvement in this.

On Thursday mornings every week we continue to meet with those who come to our home to pray for revival. The same sister who is leading the group of women intercessors on Tuesdays is coming whenever she can to our prayer gathering on Thursday mornings.
One of the most significant developments for our ministry in all of our time here in Bolivia began to occur toward the end of January. One of the pastors of a church in Santa Cruz, the largest city in the country, called me suddenly on Sunday, January 19. Their church was going through a major crisis and she asked us to be a covering for them. Starr and I took that as a very serious matter, obviously, and decided we needed to fly over to their city and see if we could help. We emailed some friends in the U.S. to seek the Lord if He was confirming us to take on such a responsibility. They emailed us back in a few days with what they had received in prayer for us and it was apparent that the Lord was truly leading us to be a covering for this church, which had gotten up to close to 400 people in attendance previously at its peak. We had known the church and its pastors for several years and had seen great potential, so to be called upon to help them navigate through a difficult time was something we were and are very willing to do.

On that trip to help the church in Santa Cruz, Starr and I were there for close to a week. We arrived on Wednesday, January 22 and stayed until the following week. The people received us with open arms and asked us to come back and hold a conference for them on God’s plan for His people in the last days. We are thinking of doing that at the end of March or so.

We returned to Sucre on Tuesday, January 28. The next day I started up my discipleship classes again for young people in our home late in the afternoon. That same day in the night Starr and I went to a small church nearby and prayed with some people who are part of our network of intercessors.

Through the first week in February my discipleship meetings with the young people continued well, and the Thursday morning prayer meetings were also held. On Sunday, February 9, I preached at the same church where we often hold evening prayer meetings each week. At the close of the service Starr and I prayed with a couple of young people in order for them to receive the Lord. They were quite eager to do so. And now they have joined our discipleship classes!

One of the things Starr and I are occasionally called upon to do is offer counsel to Christians whom we know. As many in ministry come to realize, this is an important part of what the Lord’s servants are sometimes called upon to do, knowing that as we humbly look to God in every counseling session, He is faithful to give us His counsel for the people.

A pastor from Santa Cruz whom I have known for a number of years asked me to speak to two groups of people in the annual convention of his denomination, which was held this year in Sucre. So on Friday afternoon, February 21, I spoke first to some forty people about Biblical principles for a group of intercessors. In the next session I spoke to a smaller group about Biblical principles for discipleship. There seemed to be good interest in these topics.

Tonight, February 27, I helped lead the first united prayer session for all intercessors in Sucre. It was a wonderful occasion to see how some forty people could flow well together in praying for revival in the churches in Sucre.
We want to thank all of you again for your prayers and interest in what we are doing. Some of you are contributing to our ministry on a regular basis, as well, for which we are very grateful. Thank you very much!!

Those of you who have been praying for my father’s salvation, please keep doing so! We know that the Lord will bring him to Himself one of these days.

We love every one of you and pray that the Lord’s blessing continue to rest upon you and upon each of the members of your family.

In His love,

John & Starr

Sucre, Bolivia