Powell June 2014

Dear friends and supporters:

Greetings to all of you! We pray and trust that you are all well.

Since writing to you last we have been very busy. Starr and I had been invited to participate in a Christian retreat to be held in a rural resort between the cities of Santa Cruz and Cochabamba, Bolivia in early March. We decided to do it. The main speakers at the retreat were a team from the Toronto Blessing in Canada. The leaders of this group were assistant pastors and worship leaders at the church in Toronto where a powerful revival broke out in January 1994 and is continuing to this day (although in a different building). Starr and I, perhaps like some of you, had heard quite a bit about this revival over the years but we had never visited it. Therefore, we saw this retreat in Bolivia as a wonderful opportunity to meet leaders from the revival that started many years ago in Canada. We were not disappointed at all. The teachings and impartations we received were very, very good and we were greatly blessed.

Since we had traveled to Santa Cruz in order to go by bus to the retreat, we took advantage of our return to that city in order to visit the church we were helping there. It was a very profitable time seeing how it was doing, and I preached and taught while we were there.

Before returning to Sucre, Starr and I met with a pastor in Santa Cruz who had met the team from Toronto and wanted to have them come back by the end of the year or in the beginning of 2015 to teach at a large conference for pastors and leaders from all over Bolivia. My wife and I want to help with this as we are able.

After we returned from the retreat and our time in Santa Cruz, the following weekend there was a conference in Sucre at one of the major churches. I had been asked to speak in it on Saturday afternoon–which I felt honored to do.

Starr has continued to participate on Tuesday afternoons as she is able in a gathering of women intercessors led by the wife of the pastor of one of the larger Assemblies of God church in Sucre. She is really enjoying her involvement in this.
I have continued my discipleship classes for young people on Wednesday afternoons, although sometimes there has only been one young man attending.

We have been holding Wednesday night prayer meetings in a church facility just around the corner from where we live. Leaders of that church, as well as a couple who pastor another church are coming.

On Thursday mornings every week we continue to meet with those who come to our home to pray for revival. Leaders and people from different churches come to join together in praying for revival in the churches of Bolivia. The same sister who is leading the group of women intercessors on Tuesdays is coming when she can to our prayer gathering on Thursday mornings.

At the beginning of April, Starr and I went back to visit the church in Santa Cruz that we have been helping. As I had written in our previous report, I had been asked to give a conference at this church. So that is what Starr and I did. We held meetings on the evenings of April 3-5 on the plan of God for the ages. I then preached on Sunday, April 6 as well. We returned to Sucre on Tuesday, April 8.

The following Sunday I preached at a church in Sucre pastored by a couple whom we have been close to since moving to the city in 2011.

On Friday, April 18 I flew to La Paz to visit with the leaders of a Christian group that has a love for the Jews and Israel. I have been a counselor for the group for a couple of years. I stayed with another couple there who pastor a Church of God and look to Starr and me as their counselors. I was asked to preach there on Easter Sunday. The Lord was faithful to show up in the meeting in a precious way.

Our yearly visit to the U.S. was planned to begin on Tuesday, May 6 when we were scheduled to fly out of Santa Cruz to Miami and then on to Jacksonville, Florida where we were to arrive about that same day. We took advantage of our trip to pick up the plane in Santa Cruz, in order to visit the church we have been helping there, on our way out of the country. That congregation has become quite stabilized and it was decided that Starr and I are no longer needed to help them.

So most of the past month of May, we have been back in the U.S. Our yearly visit always starts with taking about a week-and-a-half in Jacksonville to get what seems like a myriad of things done. This year after we finished our time in that city, we drove up to Washington to attend a Christian leadership conference focused on trends going on in America with which Christians need to deal.

Following the conference we drove down to the home of our very good friends, Roger and Jinnie DeHaan. They have had us in their house for this past week. Our next stop is the Morningstar Fellowship of Ministries Retreat, which we try to attend every year at about this time.

We will be in New England for about a month-and-a-half before turning around and driving back down the east coast of the U.S. to Florida and finally back to Bolivia the night of August 9. We are desiring to see some of you on our trip back down the coast the latter half of July, so we will try to contact you by telephone or e-mail when we have our plans and dates more in order.

We want to thank all of you again for your prayers and interest in what we are doing. Some of you are contributing to our ministry on a regular basis, as well, for which we are very grateful. Thank you very much!!

Those of you who have been praying for my father’s salvation, please keep doing so! We know that the Lord will bring him to Himself one of these days.

We love each and every one of you and pray that the Lord’s blessing continue to rest upon you and upon each of the members of your family.

In His love,

John & Starr