Powell June/July 2014

Dear friends and supporters:

Greetings! We pray and trust that you are all well.

We have been back in the U.S. visiting since early May with our return flight to Bolivia to take place a week from now. This has been a refreshing time and a season that has brought some surprises. The month of June started with the annual MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries retreat, beginning Sunday evening, the 1st, with a dinner and continuing until Wednesday night, the 4th. This was a time to see old friends and make some new ones, as well as to listen to some anointed speakers.

Following the retreat we drove up to Starr’s brother’s house in Connecticut, where we arrived on Friday night, June 6. Saturday morning we spent with him and then drove over to spend Saturday night at my father’s house near Cape Cod, Massachusetts on our way up to southern Maine. We spent three weeks in Ocean Park, a small community south of Portland where we go annually to spend time by ourselves at a family cottage. We look forward to our time there where we can change our routine, get rested up, and do some different things. I personally enjoy this time to seek the Lord in a fresh way.

During our stay there each year we are glad to be able to fellowship at the Ogunquit Baptist Church, which is a little over a half hour away by car. On Sunday, June 15 we shared a brief report of what we have been doing in Bolivia over the past year. Then the pastor and others prayed for us.

Almost the whole time we were in Maine this year the weather was very pleasant–sunny and warm–for which we were very glad. After leaving Ocean Park, Starr and I drove up to Rockport to visit our good friends, Mike and Vicki Fletcher. We left Maine on Monday, June 30 to drive back down to see my father.

We ended up staying almost three weeks to be with him. As of October of last year he has his own apartment in an assisted living facility where he now lives. This is several miles away from his home where we stayed and which we were continuing to prepare so it can be put on the market to sell. During that time, my brother Scott visited for about a week, during the first three days of which my other brother Gary took him, our father, and me out in his sailboat for a short cruise.

While I was on the water with them, Starr spent time with our friends Tish and Al Jay, who live a short distance away from my father’s house. During the three weeks in the area, she and I also saw and visited with some other good friends, David and Annalou Jehle, several times. David is our official videographer; he again made one short and one longer DVD presentation of what we are doing in our ministry in Bolivia. He edited both of them and made some excellent DVD copies for us to pass out or send to interested people.

While on the Massachusetts South Shore, Starr and I enjoyed fellowshipping at The New Testament Church of Cedarville, pastored by Dr. Paul Jehle. Every year while visiting my father, we enjoy being able to attend services and see friends at that church. We also had the joy of leading two of my father’s old friends to the Lord!

Starr and I started our long drive back down the east coast on Friday, July 18, with our first stop back at her brother’s house in Connecticut. We next made our way down to southern New Jersey to visit the congregation of Pastors Steve and Carol Burton in Swedesboro. They are friends we made last year at the MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries retreat. Pastor Steve asked us to stand up and greet his people at their Sunday morning service.

By Tuesday afternoon, July 22 we arrived at Rodney and Laureen Daw’s in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our friendship with Rodney goes back to 1995, when we came to know him at MorningStar Fellowship Church in Charlotte. At the Daws’ this night we were joined by another friend, Linda Morrissey, and we had a great time of eating together and fellowshipping that night.

The next day in the afternoon we drove down to spend Wednesday night with some special new friends we have made on this trip–Dr. Bill and Ellie Hurst. It was through the DeHaans that we had met the Hursts in May. This night we had a wonderful time of fellowship with Bill, Ellie, and with our good friends Michael and Ophelia Webb, who live not too far away and could come over.

Starr and I drove the rest of the way down to Jacksonville, Florida on Thursday, July 24. We then went down and spent several days with my brother Scott at his and his wife’s home near Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Returning from there back to Jacksonville, we were able on Wednesday night, July 30 to attend the mid-week fellowship dinner at New Day JAX, a congregation we enjoy attending when we are in town each year.

A week from now we fly back to Bolivia on Saturday night, August 9 and arrive in the city of Santa Cruz on Sunday morning, the 10th. From there we plan to fly on to Sucre a day or two later.

We want to thank each of you once again for your prayers for us. Some of you are contributing to our ministry on a regular basis, as well, for which we are very grateful. Thank you so much!!

CONTINUING PRAYER REQUEST: For my father’s salvation.

We love every one of you and pray that the Lord’s blessing continue to rest upon you and upon each of the members of your family.

In His love,

John & Starr
Jacksonville, Florida