Powell October 2014

Dear friends and supporters:

Greetings from Sucre, Bolivia! We pray and trust that you are all well.

Starr and I have been back in Bolivia since August 10. So much has been happening that it almost seems as if we have been back longer.

We stayed in Santa Cruz (where we had landed in Bolivia in our return flight from the U.S.) for several days before flying on to Sucre, where we live. While there we met with Pastor Samuel Condarco, who is heading up the planning for a big event in early January 2015. He has invited a team who are involved with the revival in Toronto, Canada (known as the Toronto Blessing) to come down again to Bolivia. They were here at the beginning of March of this year and in a previous Bolivia Report we had shared what a great blessing they were in our lives. Starr and I will be involved in this upcoming event with the Toronto team coming here again. This time the event is being planned exclusively for pastors and leaders from different cities in Bolivia.

My wife and I finally got back to our home in Sucre on Thursday, August 14. Right afterwards I came down with a fierce cold that had me in bed for a couple of days. On the following Monday a couple of young men came to see us and talk with us concerning a 2 1/2 month long training program that is being put on by a ministry from Bogota, Colombia. Starr and I know the leader of that ministry and appreciate what he is doing to train Christians to be active and effective missionaries wherever the Lord sends them.

On Wednesday night, August 20 we restarted our weekly prayer meeting at a church around the corner from where we live. The next morning we started our weekly prayer/teaching meetings again that we have been holding in our home since shortly after moving to Sucre in 2011. Now we have decided to include basic teaching to help put a solid, Biblical foundation in people’s lives that will help them be ready for the revival we believe is now starting to come. I ministered at a Charismatic church on Sunday, August 24.

Starr went back for the first time after our trip to the meeting of women intercessors (mostly pastors’ wives) she has been attending on Tuesday, August 26. She loves to attend these weekly meetings for prayer and fellowship. That same week the two of us met with a couple of sisters who came over separately for counsel concerning struggles going on in their lives.

On Sunday, August 31, I preached at a church near our home and then was interviewed the same afternoon on a local Christian television program put on by a young man we have known since coming to Sucre three years ago.

The first week in September continued with the same meetings we had already been having for prayer. On Saturday, September 6, I attended a morning prayer meeting for men (especially pastors). At the meeting I passed out copies and shared about a prophecy that a prophet in the U.S. had received last May for God’s people in Bolivia. The following day, Sunday, September 7, I preached again at the church around the corner from where we live. The theme that the Lord had given me was that the church in Bolivia is now entering a new season; it is time for the “latter rain” (see Hosea 6:1-3).

On Wednesday night, September 10 a group of our friends had a surprise party for me at one of their homes. Since Starr and I had been in the U.S. at the time of my birthday, they hadn’t been able to hold it for me earlier and decided to do it now. I was quite surprised and overwhelmed!! What a blessing! The next day, Thursday, besides having our weekly prayer and teaching meeting in our home, a couple of young men came over in the early evening to start up our classes again that I had been holding for them earlier in the year.

On Friday, September 12 I flew to La Paz and stayed there until Wednesday, September 17. I had gone for the purpose of meeting with the association of pastors in La Paz (as well as to have one of my toenails looked at and treated by a dermatologist we know). In the meeting with these pastors on Saturday morning, September 13 I shared the same prophecy about Bolivia I had shared with pastors in Sucre the week before. While in the city I ministered to a home church started by a precious pastor friend of ours who has a couple of churches in Cali, Colombia, but who comes to Bolivia often to raise up a new work in La Paz. I also ministered about the “latter rain” at the church of some dear friends of ours on Sunday, September 14. Meanwhile, on that same weekend Starr was involved in a small conference in a church in Sucre.

On Monday night, September 15, at a gathering of people who love Israel (and for whom I am considered to be a pastor/counselor), I taught about the new covenant under which we Christians are to live. On Wednesday of that same week I flew back to Sucre from La Paz, in time to hold the weekly prayer/teaching meeting in our home the next day. I also began attending the nightly meetings of a visiting Messianic Jew who was in town teaching about the end times. His teachings extended into the next week.

On Thursday, September 25, after the weekly meeting in our home, I flew back to La Paz to spend another week there, this time to meet with gatherings of pastors from different parts of the city and also with pastors in another city nearby. With them I shared the prophecy for Bolivia from the brother in the U.S., as well as another prophecy from Cindy Jacobs regarding a powerful revival coming to Bolivia. It was a rewarding time for me. I also ministered in the same home church and in the same regular church, in both of which I had ministered on my previous visit to La Paz this same month.

Starr joined me in La Paz on Monday, September 29. We flew back home to Sucre just yesterday, October 2. Because of a very early flight, as well as having been so busy on this trip, we just about fell into bed yesterday after getting back home. The whole trip was exceedingly rewarding.

We want to thank each of you once again for your prayers for us. For those of you who contribute to our ministry on a regular basis, as well, we are very grateful. Thank you so very much!!

PRAYER REQUEST: For the revival that seems to be beginning here in Bolivia, that the Lord will give the leaders the wisdom and the anointing to teach the Biblical truths needed to give us His orientation for what He purposes to do.

We love every one of you and pray that the Lord’s blessing continue to rest upon each of you and upon the members of your families.

In His love,

John & Starr
Sucre, Bolivia